The instructions given below are given in chat when something is rezzed.oven

The oven includes:

  • Marinara sauce
  • lasagna and bread
  • Ham dinner with sauteed aspargus, baked ham w roasted carrots, potatoes, and rolls
  • shrimp scampi with rice
  • fried chicken, green beans, rolls, and mashed potatoes
  • pizza
  • enchiladas with rice and beans
  • bacon and eggs with croissants
  • cinnamon rollstouch for one to eat
  • cookies and cocoa – touch for a cookie
  • cheesecake
  • tea kettle for the range
  • and you can grill steaks and bake potatoes

To get a menu to rez these, L click  any of the four knobs to the right on the oven.

To turn on burner:

L Click the burner to turn flame and sound on and off.

To Use Cooking Utensils

To use the spatula, spoon, tongs, or whisk

  1. Place the Utensil Holder by the oven. (L Click to change texture.)

2. Touch a utensil: to stir, the spoon or whisk, to cook, the tongs or spatula.

3. You will get a pop up window at the top right asking if you would like to attach it. If you click YES, the item will go to your hand.
4. Then  R CLICK and”sit” on the oven to begin an animation — choose either STIR or COOK. Positions can be adjusted to your avi height.

5.”Sit” on oven handle to choose partner animation for couples animation.*

6. When you are done, click the Detach button at the top left of your window. The utensil will return to the holder.


6. Choose STAND in your viewer to end the animation.

“Sit” to the right of the oven to chat with the cook.

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Cooking and Friend Animations

Additional seasonal items such as holiday dinners and cookies may be purchased separately.