• The kitchen furniture is modifiable, and the bottom base cabinets and counters are made of linked regular prims. The top base cabinets and crown molding are mesh.  The top doors are separate, the bottom doors are in pairs. The Ebony kitchen is modular, and may be rearranged more easily.
  • Since avatars come in all different sizes, you can adjust your avi position during an animation with chat commands. Also, on the island and counters you can select the animation prims and adjust the position up or down, right, left, forwards, backwards, so your avi animation is perfectly aligned with the food items.
  • The refrigerator is not linked, so may be moved.
  • You can change the drawer pulls to brass by tinting them pale yellow — just be in Select Face or Texture in the Edit window and click on a pull.


For instructions on how to edit a linked prim or tint things:


•  The first item rezzed from an object may not clear, and must be deleted manually (with your mouse). After that you may rez and clear everything from the menu. TIP: Rez everything possible, then hold down shift and select each item that does not clear from the menu, then delete them all at the same time.

•  If a script has problems, rez a fresh copy of the object. DO NOT TAKE A COPY OF ANYTHING THAT IS MALFUNCTIONING, EVER — ALWAYS DELETE. (Otherwise you will wind up with broken and unbroken copies in inventory).

•  DO NOT DRAG-COPY ANYTHING THAT REZZES SOMETHING FROM CONTENTS — ISLAND, OVEN, KITCHEN, FREE STANDING CABINETS — it will mess up the REZ positions. Instead, drag things from inventory.

• If you rez something from a menu and then move it, the connection is broken and sometimes the object will later jump to a different position, because it does not know which razzed to listen to. If this happens, you can either  use the NO REZ* copy in your accessories box, or re-rez from the menu and not move it.

*There are individual NO REZ sinks in the box that do not have the Rez script in them that you can simply place instead of rezzing from a menu.

* Sometimes an item that attaches directly to your hand, such as knife, utensil, cookie, pizza slice, etc., does not clear after it returns to its position. Then you may get a message saying that it cannot find an avatar to give permission to attach. Find and delete the item. It may be invisible, so turn on Highlight Transparent to find it.

To avoid this happening, once you touch something to attach, always click Yes, then click Detach or wait for the item to disappear on its own. The NO button cannot be eliminated, but it can confuse the rezzed item, so should be avoided.

If after reading this website you find anything unclear, or find a bug to report, please request support according to these instructions:



I MUST have the answers to the following questions IN IM. NOT NOTECARD, which I can only read inworld.

I need to hear from the OWNER, not a friend.

1. What is the **EXACT** name of the item? Please COPY and PASTE the name if possible so I can find it in inventory if needed.

2. About how long have you had the item?

3. Tell the STORY of what happened. ( NOT “Not working right.”) What did you do just before the problem started? EXACTLY what happened or did not happen that is wrong?

4. WHEN did the problem start (from day one, or later)?

5. If there was a script error, copy and paste the whole thing.