Preparing Food

When any food set is rezzed, you will receive a reminder in chat of the instructions given here.

lasagna-prepThe food preparation island, with chopping and stirring animations, includes:

  • Fried chicken with potatoes and green beans –  chop potatoes
  • Cheesecakestir batter, touch pan to fill with batter, touch strawberry for a bite
  • Ham dinner, carrots, asparagus, potatoes — chop potatoes, touch carrot for a bite
  • Enchiladas, guacamole, salsa – chop vegetables, touch enchiladas to layer with sauce and toppings
  • Saladchop vegetables
  • Marinara sauce for lasagna or pizza – chop vegetables
  • Lasagnatouch noodles to layer with more sauce and cheese
  • Pizzachop vegetables, touch pizza to add sauce, cheese, toppings
  • Chocolate chip cookiesstir batter, touch baked cookies to get a sample

1. L Click the center of the island on the side nearest the cabinet doors to choose from a menu different things to prepare.

Click to enlarge

2. Follow the instructions given in chat: If there is a spoon in a bowl in front of you*, L Click the spoon. You will see a menu asking if the spoon may attach. Say YES, and it will attach to your hand.

If there is no spoon, choose the Lower Left knife in the knife holder, and say YES to attach.

3. R Click and “Sit” on the Left Corner of the island nearest doors to choose an animation — either stir or chop.

4. When done, Click the Detach button in the top left corner. Click STAND in your viewer to stop the animation.


4. To lean against the island and chat with the cook, R Click and “sit” on the right corner of the island nearest doors .
* You may instead use the spoon or whisk in the utensil holder if you like.